10368 Mhz: 3.7m dish f/d 0.4, DB6NT WG16/WR90 preamp 0.6dB NF and SSPA 3W@ feed
Yaesu FT847 + XRef - 10 MHz-Locked Reference Oscillator + DB6NT transverter 10MHz GPS locked + microHam CW micro Keyer II
On 03-04-2015 we tested my Siemens RW1127 TWT at the " TWT testlab of Gerard PAƘBAT" and measured 65W on 10GHz
Next step is rebuilding the 10GHz setup and put it in my new 3.7M Andrew dish. Own echoes must be strong now !!


QRV 3cm EME with SSPA 3W @ feed. First measurements were not very good only 7.5dB Sunnoise and 0.3dB Moonnoise. More work has to be done !!

First EME QSO on 3cm with LX1DB !! I was running with only 3W @ feed !!!

3cm in the "old mesh dish"

3cm Linear Feed (made by John, PA7JB) + Wave Guide Switch

3CM Rig with TWT and Power Supply in the dish, above the feed you see a small laser used to get the feed in the centre of the dish !