5760 Mhz: 3.7m dish f/d 0.4, PA7JB feed, DB6NT preamp 0.6dB NF and DB6NT MKU SSPA > 100W@ feed
Yaesu FT847 + XRef - 10 MHz-Locked Reference Oscillator + DB6NT transverter 10MHz GPS locked + microHam CW micro Keyer II


Screenshot 6cm echoes with NEW PA with Dgrd - 2.4 dB: You see a lot of libration fading

Screenshot 6cm echoes 18W @ feed with Dgrd - 2.4 dB. One of my first 6cm echo tests !!

Home Made DB6NT Transverters for 9 and 6cm

Screenshot TM8PB CQ on 6cm 9-7-2012 with "O" copy signals. You see a lot of libration fading

New 6cm CP feed made by John, PA7JB .... Super Job !! 19-01-2013

New 6cm feed "PA7JB" in dish + PA + Preamps : Photo 18th of May 2013

With my friend Frank, PA2M we did some measurements on the feed + SMA coaxrelays

TX Returnloss new feed = 25.03dB

RX Returnloss new feed = 20.78dB

Isolation new feed between TX > RX = 39.25dB

Attenuation SMA coaxrelay from SMA conn. feed + SMA coupler + SMA 90 deg. conn. to Preamp = 0.31dB on 5760 Mhz !!
So have to add 0.31dB to the NF of the Preamp