Temp. QRT on 432 Mhz : building a Patch feed for my 3.7m dish
I'm QRV: Tropo, Aurora, MS and EME

4 x 38 el. M2 13WL yagis, HA8ET EXTRA-70 432 Mhz Contest Preamplifier with ATF53189 NF < 0.4dB and PA with GS23b. AlfaSpid rotators for AZ + EL and Orbitron automatic tracking system. Box in the middle of the H-frame with: Preamp, HF400 coaxrelais and Powersplitter. The stacking cables are each 6m 1/2" Cellflex coax. Sunnoise is abt. 9dB SFU >80
Rig: Yaesu FT847 + XRef - 10 MHz-Locked Reference Oscillator

Screenshot 70cm echoes with Dgrd - 1.0 dB: